Beta round 15 medals & awards

Beta round 15 medals & awards

Wow, this round went by quickly! Medals and awards below, congratulations to all winners πŸ™‚

Medal of Earth

Boeya (#1385) 155 331 m2
Comander (#165) 146 701 m2
Penelope (#1219) 144 996 m2
Lee Christmas (#1029) 124 293 m2
Gladiator (#1201) 123 980 m2
Hale Caesar (#1910) 120 244 m2
Grizzly (#73) 111 346 m2
Extinction of JC (#84) 104 407 m2
araas (#252) 104 384 m2
Henkie (#1319) 99 950 m2

Medal of Honor

Demon (#1203) 7 372pts
Raphael (#1052) 6 336pts
Henkie (#1319) 6 233pts
Gabriel (#2046) 6 060pts
Metatron (#29) 5 731pts
Azrael (#522) 5 621pts
Raguel (#402) 5 308pts
Michael (#464) 5 299pts
Gladiator (#1201) 5 264pts
Ganjena (#202) 5 020pts

Medal of Growth

Bugs Bunny (#1314) $ 4 297 413
Beep Beep! (#1322) $ 4 206 350
Wile E. Coyote (#1225) $ 4 040 404
Taz (#481) $ 4 038 240
Daffy Duck (#1343) $ 3 782 767
Penelope (#1219) $ 3 129 694
Hale Caesar (#1910) $ 2 489 326
Barney Ross (#615) $ 2 396 833
Comander (#165) $ 2 058 620
Lee Christmas (#1029) $ 2 016 814

Medal of Courage

Most Wanted SANDMANLAD (#235) 614
Most Wanted Nomad (#713) 552
Korpill (#1421) 539
Hooligan Madman (#60) 515
Most Wanted MeThodMaNiaK (#315) 439
Wennaz (#433) 437
cloNe und ze piliprutters (#1190) 419
Hooligan DisasterMaster (#614) 409
Stocko (#1952) 391
Most Wanted Myzteriouz (#590) 319

Medal of Death

Mackan (#2053) 23
Retired (#1205) 14
Most Wanted Nomad (#713) 9
jurgen45 (#1443) 6
Most Wanted Myzteriouz (#590) 6
Brutal Jhonny (#504) 6
Raphael (#1052) 5
AC1AW (#1125) 5
Most Wanted MeThodMaNiaK (#315) 5
Wennaz (#433) 4

Medal of Thievery

Ganjena (#202) $ 43 422 454
EpiC MayheM (#2045) $ 28 761 346
Chilly (#1930) $ 26 306 239
MostWanted Anonymous (#1616) $ 25 632 483
Tke (#1383) $ 20 192 130
Gabriel (#2046) $ 18 826 410
Michael (#464) $ 16 924 080
Barney Ross (#615) $ 12 506 609
Jimpzan (#2071) $ 10 013 038
Raguel (#402) $ 9 912 863

Medal of Destruction

Nukewarrior (#2058) $ 2 070 058
Raphael (#1052) $ 1 530 286
Demon (#1203) $ 1 491 889
Metatron (#29) $ 1 386 703
Henkie (#1319) $ 1 335 180
Okeydokey (#1953) $ 1 283 612
Gladiator (#1201) $ 1 141 874
Ganjena (#202) $ 1 021 056
Big Dave (#2228) $ 879 216
Boeya (#1385) $ 860 267

Medal of Devastation

Tke (#1383) $ 130 345
ers (#1224) $ 98 034
Gabriel (#2046) $ 65 874
visoks (#1759) $ 50 661
Raguel (#402) $ 42 372
jurgen45 (#1443) $ 39 956
Nymphetamine Abuse (#312) $ 31 994
Azrael (#522) $ 27 393
Boeya (#1385) $ 24 427
Mackan (#2053) $ 22 205

United Boundaries

Demons Are Awakened (#301532) 600 999 m2
Extinction in the Sahara (#4317) 555 023 m2
The Expendables (#209198) 504 903 m2
SeX is Not A Crime (#375928) 454 948 m2
The Mafia (#559016) 411 225 m2
Angels Are Avenging (#74833) 398 731 m2
CunniNg StuNts (#51238) 220 036 m2
SturmGrenadier Elite (#14993) 148 701 m2
Nukezone Legends (#576197) 106 778 m2
The Warriors of Deathgrip (#88241) 97 119 m2

United Arms

Hooligans Don’t Stop (#49399) 1 955 attacks
MaNiaK (#839120) 1 605 attacks
Heavy Stanes Rebels (#823426) 1 103 attacks
Feel The RAAF. (#660354) 799 attacks
Angels Are Avenging (#74833) 699 attacks
Kill em All (#878354) 539 attacks
Most Wanted (#56040) 464 attacks
Death (#839157) 444 attacks
Nukezone Legends (#576197) 426 attacks
coming undoNe (#300101) 419 attacks


SeX is Not A Crime (#375928) $ 23 494 868
The Expendables (#209198) $ 11 430 734
Demons Are Awakened (#301532) $ 8 453 395
The Mafia (#559016) $ 5 916 220
Extinction in the Sahara (#4317) $ 5 758 585
Angels Are Avenging (#74833) $ 4 991 910
CunniNg StuNts (#51238) $ 3 135 893
Super Mario Bros (#377544) $ 2 565 916
Revenge (#589233) $ 2 330 781
#YouToo (#685756) $ 2 172 588

Clan Points

Angels Are Avenging (#74833) 34 700pts
Demons Are Awakened (#301532) 32 124pts
Hooligans Don’t Stop (#49399) 14 794pts
MaNiaK (#839120) 8 361pts
Heavy Stanes Rebels (#823426) 7 303pts
Feel The RAAF. (#660354) 5 253pts
The Nuke Buns (#707408) 3 825pts
coming undoNe (#300101) 3 132pts
Most Wanted (#56040) 3 095pts
Casual Players (#605863) 2 997pts

36 thoughts on “Beta round 15 medals & awards”

  • Congratz to DDD with an awesome round with 3 clan rewards and 4 medals ! Long time ive seen a clan that did that much achievements in one round !

    • Gabriel says:

      Skom did it in round 4. With golds and silvers. No shitty bronzes 😎 . Personal medals?? Me only have 11 of them. More than all of your clan together. But gratz for silver points. I know how hard it is to keep up with SKOM. also gratz for your modeva. 130k damage is very good. Good work tke!

      • Lee Christmas says:

        Round 4, really? When 30 people played in total? If I wasn’t here, it doesn’t count πŸ˜€

        • Gabriel says:

          Who are you?? And what did you achieve in this game? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

          • Lee Christmas says:

            Well i’m clan leader of the ONLY clan who had 10 rounds of consecutive awards with new players joining the game instead of getting together with all kind of pro players.

            Don’t forget you guys were too chicken scared to declare us <3

      • Barney Ross says:

        I’m confused Elvis says he has all these medals but they’re not on his profile?


        • His gf took them with her when he kicked her out ! You should know that Panic … πŸ˜€

          But thx Elvis, it was a nice and strange round, all credits for skom gz

  • Hooligan Madman says:

    yeah enjoy the fake ass win guys exploting the bug! maybe some day you losers will play fair and lets hear all the lame ass excuses why you did it!

    • Metatron says:

      Congratulations to me for another gold

      I’m amazing

      Love to all demons hooligans and other degenerates

      All hail king minion

      Peace out

  • Last 2 rounds have been amazing! Stress playing 24h/day scoring points.

    Congrats everybody

  • Gabriel says:

    Gratz to all skom. Well done again. Once more we proved we are the best clan ever. Even when ddd tried to copy our last round tactic we stroke back and got us gold again. Well done guys. It was a deserved medal. Points gold is the most difficult and stressing clan award. Gratz to all players in AO. It was a fun round

  • Lee Christmas says:

    Congratulations SeXy with NW gold. Never been ablo to even tough you guys. Gratz Neon with your MoG!!!!
    Congratulations to SkoM, another points gold. Well done. it’s a shame that Mega ruined our synched sleeping pattern. #neverforgive
    Congratulations to DDD, what was supposed to be a chill & medal round turned into 3 awards and 4 medals. Flabbergasted here!
    Congratz to all medalwinners! Sandman, Tke, DiDi, Ganjena, Demon, etc..

    Thanks to my clanmates for a very funny round. Oh and also thank you Panic. Again a consecutive round of frustrations <3.
    10!!! consecutive rounds of awards. Proud of it!

    @Milky… Miss you mate… Where'd you go? I miss you so <3
    WoD, come on.

    and last but certainly not least:
    Thanks Geronimo for this game!

  • Penelope says:

    Basically, it seems that 3 skom-members came here just to congratulate them-self, or asking others to congratulate them πŸ˜€

    So all my congrats go to all other players and winners! Thanks for being lovely player to share this game with πŸ˜€

  • Daffy Duck says:

    Congratz all award and medal winners .
    Thank you all players for the nice round.

    PS, where are the essays this round?

  • During r14 we went super active with semi bk, we had a 5k lead on skom. but badly enough we got fucked up by New missile setup. Which setup has been called as a failure, this has been proved for this round if you ask me πŸ˜‰

    For R15 my team wanted to chill.. at least 3 members wanted it. Since you cant go for #1 place with a half clan we went on personal medals.
    I was already bored after 7 days of sitting around do some research/bank. so I was like I declare a war and fire missiles for fun… and who knows I can go for MOMD… AT THAT MOMENT I SAW HOW OVERPOWERED MISSILES ARE IN POINTS.
    Since I got so many points a day.. every day I got 250+ points a day.

    When I fired my first missile we had a distance of 5k+ points on #1 and #2 if I remember well.
    Some teammates of me did also some missile fire little days later, when they saw how much I scored they played with me.. not all because some went for personal medals.

    Oh yea MTL ROCKS

    Before I knew we had no distance in points and had around same points as nr1 the FAMOUS SKOM.
    Situation of my members middle of round:
    TKE: saying to me I leave the clan.. I was like wtf why in gods name.
    Still no clue why. But we said you have more chance on a medal in clan than outside because of the bonuses we get by fire some missiles and laserbeams.
    Henkie: said I have to work in France so I cant be active.. when he was there working he was more active than ever.. I was even afraid I was losing my MOH on him, he was 2nd for a very long time!
    Ganjama: I have to thief now… else I lose my MOT place.. we all were like really go for it.. way more important, it was hes aim from start of round.
    Gladiator: DID not mind many.. he was having fun.. just did some firing arround.. just a great loyal member did hes own thing.
    DIDI: said nothing all the time.. I tagged him so many times.. it was not funny anymore.. since I never got respond! Yea sometimes out of nothing he send nude picture,videos.. people doing stupid stuf… send video and says he found Elvis again.. but answer me? Hell no!!

    btw.. MTL ROCKS

    Very fast after it I was MOH1, and my lead went further and further away.. I was like how I score so much more than rest!? Since skom was also scoring amazing points.. split seconds later I understand why, skom and DDD nearly scored same amounts of points a day.. but we did it with 4 members sometimes a fifth came in with some attacks.. so I did more points as individual than members in SKOM.

    When I was like: we can go try for GOLD!
    My members were like: who cares.. chill
    I wanted to go for gold points for sure, but many members of me had other interest.

    In meanwhile I was still tagging Didi.. in hope he was still alive.. is it not someone else send those pictures!?
    he always responded rounds before, so it was very strange for me.
    Than out of nothing he said: just kick me than
    good and bad news happened: he was alive, bad news I pissed him off after 100times tag?

    Didi if you read this sorry!
    I went to Epic Mayhem in discord <3
    I told him I need replacement because we are rocking and someone is inactive as fuck.
    He wanted to join from start.. but had to say sorry at last moment because we went chill modus.
    He said I had to make room for 2 people.. since he was playing with someone.
    So that was difficult situation.. kick TKE so we don't have Belgians!? That was an option.
    But end of it.. I was like damn they are my friends.. we won many with each other. They cant help it I cant handle a chill round.

    When Tke did hes final shoot on medal he said when I fail I help score points.
    I was like.. really, are you going to help FINNALY? (I did not dare to say).
    But Tke did what he said… he started scoring. But now it was ganjema who had to thief sometimes in meanwhile.. so end of it we were still playing with a lower amount of members in points,sigh..

    We are nearly at end of the round. A Mutual was going on with WOD…
    Out of nothing DIDI went alive.. he said I ordered 10000 M1.
    I was not positive about it at start, but end of it he made a great decision.
    He went hyper active… out of nothing and grabbed damn much land.. hes turns were burning.
    Rest off round he had all time 300 turns + and 3,4 bonuses.

    We scored maximum points we could. But there was a way skom was scoring more points every time..(BIG GREAT JOB!!) I was like how!? Than I saw Mario went down to 500k..boosted to 1 million.. and had no AMS!! when my old report showed 450+ ams when I warred him. I was a bit mad So I accused him of dirty play.. he was not happy with that accuse and did sent a not happy message back:-) I wont tell every word spent to each other…not worth it.
    But end of conversation we did understand each other and he got my <3 back!


    1 day before round ended I told my clan our objective has been completed.. 3 personal medals.
    Lets try get that MOE medal for didi, and NW & UB Bronce. So after sleep we went attacking all in to get land.. before we knew we were 2nd place UB. We saw Elvis trying to get that MOE medal as-well. So I organized a raid on him. To secure DIDI medal.. we attacked him and stole 30k+ land of him, after some more attacks we even got first place UB. I never thought that would happen since it was a last moment decision to go for. Trust me on this.. didi was more active last 2 days than rest of the entire round. Big job getting a medal for 2 days activity!

    I did not mention Henkie and gladiator many in this story but thats all because you guys were chilling and do Ur thing. Have fun and help me and the rest getting there medals <3

    I want to thank everyone for wasting you're time by reading this shit.

    last but not least..
    Well played SEXY! Congratulations. Amazing boost from start of round. In my dreams I was boosting to you guys to kill one of you. But every time I wake up my calculator said u wont get in range!
    MTL, Great job with you're clan. first NW attempt with some new members.. Ur doing a hell of goodjob get players known the game.
    SKOM, Gratz with ur GOLD POINTS, Im happy I could at least make race a bit tighter πŸ˜‰
    HDS Gratz with ur UA award! Well done madman, dont be mad on me <3

    CHEERS!! <3

    • Hard to tell, they certainly didnt help ;).
      I scored my 98k pretty early but wasnt sure it would be enough so i saved up resources till later (wich your mates profitted on) for another attempt. But the problem then wasnt resources, it was the limited targets due to being in a onemanclan so i dont think i could have gotten it anyway. But they sure took a lot of money :).

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