1. Overview (test2)

Assault.Online is a free, strategic text-based online game. Featuring real-time team-orientated gaming, Assault.Online can also be played as an individual. Your goal? Build your province into an international Nuclear power and destroy all opposition along the way with your army of air, sea and ground forces. Our wide range of top lists and medals mean that there are many ways to play Assault.Online as well as many strategies – one to match every playing style. Assault.Online has always been and will always remain free to play. Sign up today and amass your arsenal of cutting edge weaponry with which to annihilate the opposition!

Assault.Online is played in rounds lasting approximately 30 days each. Round dates can be found on the login and dashboard page. At the end of each round, winners in various categories are given medals and all provinces are reset and the game starts over.

2. Getting started

There are a number of different resources in Assault.Online:

  • Money – used to build units, buildings, missiles and satellites
  • Turns – used for researching and to build units, buildings, missiles, satelites and performing attacks
  • Morale – used when attacking
  • Land – required to build buildings
  • Satellite power – required to use satellites

There is also an additional “resource” to keep track of, your networth. Your networth determines who you can attack and be attacked by and is calculated by summing the value of all your accumulated units, buildings, missiles, land, satellite and research.

You start with 200 turns and $450,000. It is up to you to determine what to purchase, while some prefer to use a more offensive strategy, others will choose to adopt a more defensive strategy. You need buildings to survive – when all your buildings are destroyed you will die. When you have died you spend 24 hours in forced Assault protection again, with an additional 24 hours, which can be removed manually. Death results in a loss of all units, land, research, money (including in the bank) and turns except for the starting defaults.

There are several ways to get more money although you get a fixed number of turns:
By default you receive 1 turn every 20th minute and $15,000 each hour. You can research Money Production to increase your income up to a maximum $35,000/hour. You can also send thieves in hope of stealing money from other players.
Join/create a clan and fight other clans (that your clan is at war with) in order to receive clan bonuses up to 525 turns and $3,500,000 divided equally between all clan members.
Note: You will not receive any additional turns every 20 minutes if you already have more than 300 turns. However, you can receive the clan bonus during this time. Use some of your turns in order to start receiving turns every 20 minutes again. You will also not receive any resources if you are below the starting networth ($3,500).

3. Starting bonus

You can select a starting bonus from the following list. You will be able to change the starting bonus if you die or reset your account.


  • One-time 75 turn bonus
  • Unit attacks gain twice the land and money


  • One-time 3,500 m² land bonus
  • +5 buildings built per turn (to a maximum of 20 with full research)
  • 20% extra defense for all defending units
  • 10% time deduction when researching


  • One-time $400,000 money bonus
  • 10% hourly income increase
  • 50% bank capacity increase


  • One-time $250,000 money and 2,500 m² land bonus
  • 50% faster missile shipping
  • 10% default market discount (to a maximum of 40% with research)
  • Ability to choose exact arrival time for units (up to 6 hours delayed)

4. Menu items

  • Home
    On the home page you will find your dashboard, giving you an overview of the game and your account.
  • Inbox
    View incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Events
    All events related to your province are stored under local events. e.g. attacks, completed researches and aid received by clan members.
    All attacks you make are stored under outgoing events.
    All attacks you and your clan members make and receive are stored under global events.
  • Research
    This is where you can conduct research that will help your province in many ways. e.g. increase your hourly income, raise bank capacity or lower market prices.
  • Bank
    The bank is used to deposit money for up to 10 days. Depositing your money for a longer period of time equals greater interest.
  • Market
    The market is used to buy and sell units. Units can be bought without turns at a higher price and a waiting time of 6 to 12 hours, depending on your research.
  • Forum
    The heart of the Assault.Online community. Need help? Found a bug? Create a new topic!
  • Clan
    This is where you can either create a clan or view clan information when you’re a clan member.
  • Attack
    On the attack page you can attack other players who aren’t part of your clan.
  • Build
    Under the Build menu item you find buildings, units, missiles and satellites. In contrast to the market, building units cost turns.
  • Info
    Under info you can find important information in relation to Assault.Online such as all clans, all users, toplists, statistics for your account and awards and medals from previous rounds.
  • Explore
    The explore page lets you “buy” land using turns or sell land for money.

5. Buildings

Land is nice to have, but without buildings and infrastructure it is of little use.

Assault.Online offers a variety of buildings to place on your land. Each building has some inherent benefits that allow your province to grow or specialize. It is up to you to determine how to fill your land, and there is no perfect or ideal balance for growth. As well, each building uses a specific amount of power, and power can only be provided by power plants. If you have low power, your defensive buildings, missile silos, and command centers won’t work, meaning you will be more susceptible to attacks. You also cannot perform any kind of attack when power is off. If you are short on land, either explore for more or attack someone to try and steal some. It takes 20 m² to build 1 building. If you have excess land, you can choose to sell up to 20,000m² per day.

Note: When a province has less than 10,000 m² land, the buildings become tougher to kill. This scales linearly to 5,000 m² where it caps to 50%.

Each building adds a different amount of networth. For details, hover the price on the Building page.


Missile Silo

Missile silos are used to launch and store missiles. Each missile silo can store up to 1 missile.

Power usage: 10,000
Price: $22,000

Command Centre

Command centres function as an intelligence centre for special units. Each command centre can support up to 5 special units.

Power usage: 1,800
Price: $2,200


Each shipyard houses 5 sea units.

Power usage: 700
Price: $1,100


Each airfield houses 10 air units.

Power usage: 600
Price: $1,000


Each warfactory houses 10 vehicles.

Power usage: 550
Price: $1,200


Each barrack houses 20 infantry.

Power usage: 500
Price: $700


Produces 3000 power.

Power production: 3000
Price: $600

Advanced Powerplant

Produces 15,000 power.

Power production: 15,000
Price: $1,300

Torpedo Launcher

Torpedo launchers defend against sea units.

Attack: 250 / Life: 360
Power usage: 750
Price: $1,580

SAM Site

Sam sites defend against air units. Each Sam site has a 12.5% chance to shoot down tomahawk missiles.

Attack: 225 / Life: 330
Power usage: 600
Price: $1,495

Missile Turret

Missile turrets defend against vehicles.

Attack: 200 / Life: 340
Power usage: 550
Price: $1,500

Machinegun Turret

Machinegun turrets defend against infantry.

Attack: 215 / Life: 300
Power usage: 700
Price: $1,465

Anti-Missile System

Each Anti-Missile System protects 100m² of your built land, up to 75% protection. Every Anti-Missile System has a 25% chance to shoot down tomahawk missiles.

Power usage: 2,400
Price: $5,000

6. Units

Units are one of the two main ways to attack other players. Every unit is unique in terms of life, attack and units that can be targeted. There are four types of units; Sea, Air, Infantry and Vehicles.

  • Shipyards are required to house sea units. Every shipyard allows you to house 5 sea units.
  • Airfields are required to house air units. Every airfield allows you to house 10 air units.
  • Barracks are required to house infantry. Every barrack allows you to house 20 infantry.
  • Warfactories are required to house vehicles. Every warfactory allows you to house 10 vehicles.

Each unit adds a different amount of networth. For details, hover the price on the Unit page.
Note: Units that can hit multiple target types divide their attack power between the existing targets. Those units get a 10% attack power reduction for each missing targetable unit type.

Currently, the following units are available:

6.1 Air Units

SR-71 Spyplane

The SR-71 Spyplane is used to gather intelligence about your targets buildings.

Price: $15,000
Attacks: n.a
Attack: 0 / Life: 200

U-2 Dragon Lady

The U-2 Dragon Lady is a support unit. Each U-2 Dragon Lady sent into battle supports up to 25 vehicles, providing a 15% attack boost.

Price: $1,500
Attacks: n.a
Attack: 0 / Life: 105

Black Eagle

Price: $830
Attacks: veh, bld
Attack: 55 / Life: 45

Siege Chopper

Price: $875
Attacks: inf, veh, bld
Attack: 65 / Life: 45

B-52 Stratofortress

Price: $2,200
Attacks: bld
Attack: 120 / Life: 95


Price: $750
Attacks: inf, bld
Attack: 55 / Life: 45


Price: $690
Attacks: air, bld
Attack: 50 / Life: 50


Price: $830
Attacks: sea
Attack: 65 / Life: 50

6.2 Vehicles

Battle Fortress

The Battle Fortress is a support unit. Each Battle Fortress sent into battle supports up to 50 infantry, providing a 15% attack boost.

Price: $1,500
Attacks: n.a
Attack: 0 / Life: 105


Price: $500
Attacks: air
Attack: 45 / Life: 25

Grizzly Battle Tank

Price: $950
Attacks: veh, bld
Attack: 65 / Life: 50

Mirage Tank

Price: $730
Attacks: inf, bld
Attack: 50 / Life: 35


Price: $1275
Attacks: bld
Attack: 75 / Life: 55

Apocalypse Tank

Price: $835
Attacks: air, veh
Attack: 65 / Life: 55

Tesla Tank

Price: $540
Attacks: sea
Attack: 40 / Life: 40

6.3 Infantry


Thiefs allow you to steal money from other users.

Price: $5,000
Attacks: n.a
Attack: 0 / Life: 60


Saboteurs allow you to sabotage up to two missile silos. You have a 50% chance to sabotage a missile silo.

Price: $6,000
Attacks: n.a
Attack: 0 / Life: 75


Snipers protect your base from thiefs, snipers, spies and saboteurs.

Price: $5,000
Attacks: n.a
Attack: 140 / Life: 200


Spies are used to gather intelligence about your targets units.

Price: $4,000
Attacks: n.a
Attack: 0 / Life: 250


Price: $1,100
Attacks: bld
Attack: 60 / Life: 40


Price: $445
Attacks: veh, bld
Attack: 30 / Life: 20


Price: $825
Attacks: inf, bld
Attack: 45 / Life: 40

Rifle infantry

Price: $765
Attacks: inf
Attack: 50 / Life: 40

Tesla Trooper

Price: $850
Attacks: sea
Attack: 50 / Life: 65

Guardian G.I

Price: $540
Attacks: air, veh
Attack: 35 / Life: 25


Price: $500
Attacks: sea, air, bld
Attack: 40 / Life: 30

6.4 Sea units


Price: $2150
Attacks: bld
Attack: 120 / Life: 110

Sea Scorpion

Price: $875
Attacks: inf
Attack: 65 / Life: 50

Aircraft carrier

The Aircraft carrier is a support unit. Each Aircraft carrier sent into battle supports up to 25 air units, providing a 15% attack boost.

Price: $2250
Attacks: n.a
Attack: 0 / Life: 210


Price: $1,000
Attacks: sea, bld
Attack: 60 / Life: 65


Price: $1,300
Attacks: air, bld
Attack: 90 / Life: 85


Price: $1,125
Attacks: veh, inf, bld
Attack: 80 / Life: 65


Price: $1025
Attacks: sea, veh
Attack: 75 / Life: 70

7. Special units

Special units are the spy plane, spy, thief, sniper and saboteur. In order to own these units you must have Command Centers. You are limited to no more than 500 special units. Special units cannot be used when you have low power. You may only sell 50 special units per day.

8. Market

The market allows you to buy units without using turns to build them. However, units on the market are more expensive to buy and because they are not built in your province, they take time to arrive. Depending on the research you have and how much you are willing to pay you can get units from the market in between 6 and 12 hours. You can cancel an incoming order, which returns 75% of the regular market price.

It is important to know that the market does not work on the last day of a round. So, make sure your orders are placed in time.

9. Bank

The bank allows you to make security deposits for a maximum time of 10 days, minimum of 3, that gain value from interest. This money is safe from anything except death, dying makes you lose your banked money. While your deposit is maturing, it will gain interest that compounds daily. Your money will be locked in the bank for the number of days that you select and can only be withdrawn early if you have researched Bank Management. The default interest is 4.5%, the maximum amount of deposits is 10 and $2,500,000 is the maximum amount of money that you can store. All of these can be improved by researching Bank Management. Choosing the finance bonus increases the maximum storage capacity of your bank by 50%.

10. Missiles

To build missiles you need missile silos, which house 1 missile. A missile is an expensive but very powerful attack option. The chance of hitting the enemy base depends on your targets missile defense. Missiles cost 5 turns to build and 4 turns to launch. They make use of morale and cost 30 to 35% morale to launch, depending on your networth in relation to your target.

Available Missiles:

Nuclear Missile

Attacks: all units and buildings.
Price: $125,000
Attack: 25,000

Chemical Missile

Attacks: Sea, Air and Vehicle units.
Price: $62,500
Attack: 15,000

Biochemical Missile

Attacks: Infantry
Price: $43,750
Attack: 6,000


Attacks: buildings
Price: $57,000
Attack: 7,200

EMP Missile

The EMP Missile initially disables 15% of the enemy’s power supply for a period of 6 hours. You do not receive clan points for using this missile. EMP can only stack up to 60%.
Price: $65,000
Attack: n/a


Tomahawks can be sent in an air & sea attack. Submarines are required to fire tomahawks. Each submarine can hold 2 tomahawk missiles. Level 1 missile accuracy is required to build tomahawk missiles. You can send a maximum of 2 tomahawk missiles per submarine with a maximum of 2 tomahawks for every $10 000 networth you own. 3 tomahawks are built for a price of 1 turn and $1500.

Attacks: buildings
Price: $1500
Attack: 1,850

11. Satellites

There are 4 different satellites available for you to build. All satellites require level 1 in Satellite Technology before they can be built. Each satellite costs 25 turns and takes 12 hours to construct. Your satellite will automatically launch into orbit upon arrival which allows you to use it right away. It will stay up for 10 days until it crashes down and burns up in earth’s atmosphere. You can increase the time your satellite stays in orbit by 5 days by researching the second level of Satellite Technology. A satellite will stay in orbit for the period researched at the time of launch, research while in orbit will not effect that satellite.

Your satellite power increases by 20% each hour and all satellites cost 3 turns to use. Satellites are not operational when you have low power although a previously launched Stealth Satellite will continue to function if it was activated while you had power.

11.1 Offensive Satellites

Laser Beam Satellite

The Laser Beam Satellite strikes the enemy’s base with a max attack of 9,000. There is a 95% hit rate, and it can only attack buildings.
Price: $1,000,000
Max Effect: up to 9000 building damage

EMP Satellite

The EMP Satellite disables 20% of the enemy’s power supply per effective hit. EMP damage is removed after 6 hours. EMP can only stack up to 60%.
Costs: $500,000
Max Effect: 20% EMP.

11.2 Defensive Satellites

Stealth Satellite

When activated, the Stealth Satellite will hide your base from enemy spies, thieves, snipers, laser beam satellites and EMP satellites. It hides your base for 3.5 hours.
Costs: $600,000
Max Effect: 3.5 hours Stealth.

Anti-Missile Satellite

Shoots down incoming missiles, using 20% satellite power per missile. If satellite power is below 20% it does not have any effect.
Costs: $500,000
Max Effect: 5 missiles per 100% satellite power

12. Research

There are 9 different sciences available for you to research. Researching sciences requires time. Choosing the defensive starting bonus deducts the total amount of research time per science with 10%. Every hour of research adds $950 to your networth.

Money production

Level 1: Income increased to $25,000 per hour
Level 2: Income increased to $35,000 per hour
Duration: 15 hours

Missile accuracy

Level 1: 45% chance to hit target
Level 2: 90% chance to hit target
Level 3: Number of possible sabotaged Missile silos go down from 2 to 1
Duration: 10 hours

Satellite technology

Level 1: Allows you to build satellites
Level 2: Extends the maximum orbit time of satellites by 5 days
Level 3: Construction cost of satellites reduced by 20%
Duration: 10 hours

Market shipping time

Level 1: Shipping time reduced to 9 hours
Level 2: Shipping time reduced to 6 hours
Duration: 5 hours

Powerplant efficiency

Level 1: Power Plants and Advanced Power Plants life and power produced increased by 50%
Duration: 5 hours

Market discount

Level 1: 15% discount on all units purchased from the market
Level 2: 30% discount on all units purchased from the market
Duration: 5 hours

Thief education

Level 1: Thieves steal two times the amount of money and the risk of getting caught is lower
Level 2: Thieves steal three times the amount of money and the risk of getting caught is lower
Level 3: Thieves steal four times the amount of money and the risk of getting caught is lower
Duration: 5 hours

Engineering effectiveness

Level 1: 10 buildings built per turn. 15 if defensive bonus is picked
Level 2: 15 buildings built per turn. 20 if defensive bonus is picked
Duration: 10 hours

Bank management

Level 1: Bank stores up to $ 3,500,000 and bank interest increased by 0,5%
Level 2: Bank stores up to $ 4,500,000 and bank interest increased by 0,75% + option to withdraw money after 12 hours with no interest but with a 50% fee
Level 3: Bank stores up to $ 5,000,000 and bank interest increased by 1,0% + option to withdraw money after 12 hours with no interest but with a 25% fee
Duration: 10 hours

Raid protection

Level 1: Automatically builds 15 antimissile systems, 35 powerplants and puts your account in Assault Protection for 30 minutes when building count drops to 0. Raid protection has a cooldown period of 24 hours.
Duration: 20 hours

13. General attacking information

Each attack is unique in some way and all attacks cost a different amount of turns and morale. When you attack an enemy that is smaller than yourself, you will use 5% more morale. You will use additional 10% of morale if you use an aggressive attack type when attacking with units. Firing a satellite uses 100% satellite power.

Main Target specifies the building type your troops will focus on.
Attack Type applies to unit attacks and specifies how the attack should be made; normal or aggressive.

13.1 Morale

To command your army to attack you have to spend your available morale. You receive 5% morale every 15 minutes. When you reach your morale capacity at 100%, instead of losing out on new morale, the lost morale will instead be added to your morale pool at the same 5% rate every 15 minutes until both your morale and pool are maxed out (at 100% morale and 100% pool). After that, you will start losing out on new morale because both your morale and your pool are maxed out. Once you use your morale, and it goes below 100%, you will once again have your new morale added to your morale at the same rate, instead of being added to your pool, until you are maxed out again. If you at this point also have morale in your pool, you will not only get 5% new morale added, but also 5% morale moved over from your pool at the same time. This means that in order for this to happen you must have 90% OR LESS morale (because if you have 95%, you will be maxed out at 100% after you receive your new 5% morale, and the pool will be untouched). You cannot directly use the morale in your pool, you must wait for it to be moved over to your morale.

You can fail attacks due to a number of reasons. Unit attacks may fail if your army is weaker than the other players’ defense. The defending player will receive clan points for successfully defending a unit attack in a clan war.
Missiles and satellite attacks may miss the enemy base, and missiles can be shot down by Anti missile measures deployed by the defending player.
Special units such as spies may “get caught” and die while on their mission.

All attack types except spies and spy planes require the defending player to be within 40% of your networth.

13.2 Unit attacks

Regular Attack

Turn cost: 3
Morale cost: 20% (+5% if the target has a lower networth than you, +10% if using Aggresive attack)

Regular attack can consist of air units, vehicles and infantry. The weakest form of unit attack.

Ground Attack

Turn cost: 3
Morale cost: 20% (+5% if the target has a lower networth than you, +10% if using Aggresive attack)

Ground attack can only consist of vehicles and infantry. Using this method makes the vehicles and infantry slightly more powerful than a Regular attack.

Air and Sea Attack

Turn cost: 3
Morale cost: 20% (+5% if the target has a lower networth than you, +10% if using Aggresive attack)

Air and Sea attack can only consist of air units and sea units. Using this method makes these units slightly more powerful than a Ground attack. You will gain slightly less resources when attacking.

13.3 Missiles & satellites

Launch Missile

Turn cost: 5
Morale cost: 30% (+5% if the target has a lower networth than you)

Use this option to send your missiles to enemy targets. This attack method gains no resources from the defending player.

Use Satellite

Turn cost: 3
Satellite power cost: 100%

Use this option to use your offensive satellites. This attack method gains no resources from the defending player.

13.4 Special unit attacks

Send Spy/Spy Plane

Turn cost: 1

When you send out your spy or spyplane, its job is to spy on your enemy’s army or base. You can choose between an infantry spy for army intelligence or a spy plane to gather info on your enemy’s buildings. However, there is no guarantee either will succeed. You can send only 1 spy or spyplane every time. If one of your clan members or you re-spy the enemy within 15 minutes, the spy report is enhanced. Opposing snipers and spies can kill infantry spies. If your spy attempt does fail, your enemy is informed that you sent the spy or spyplane. If your attempt is successful, it is hard to count to an exact number of units or buildings in such a short period of time, so your spy reports contain an estimate range.

Send Thief

Turn cost: 2
Morale cost: 5%

When you send out your thief, his job is to steal money from the selected enemy. However, there is no guarantee that your thief will succeed. If he does fail, your enemy is informed that you sent the thief.

You can send up to 10 thieves at once for the same turns and morale as one. This allows you to get up to 5 times the return but the chance of being caught increases by up to 10 times – times 1 extra for each additional thief. Therefore an attack with 5 thieves could get you up to 2.5 times as much money but you would be 5 times as likely to be caught. If caught you lose all attacking thieves.

Thief Education can be researched to improve the money the thieves steal and reduce the likeliness of getting caught.

Send Sniper

Turn cost: 2
Morale cost: 10%

A sniper can both attack and defend. They can attack spies, thieves, snipers and saboteurs. They can defend against spies, thieves, snipers and saboteurs. They are five times better at defending than spies and thieves are. However, snipers have 5 times less defense against other snipers.

You can send multiple snipers at once for the same turns and morale as one. This allows you to do more damage but the chance of being caught increases. If your snipers are caught you will lose more snipers and they will inflict less damage.

Send Saboteur

Turn cost: 3
Morale cost: 30%

Saboteurs can be sent to sabotage enemy player’s Missile Silos. A successful saboteur will ensure that the next sent missile will destroy both the missile and the missile silo while still costing morale and turns for the player that tried to launch the missile. An unsuccesful saboteur might be caught and the defending player will be notified. A player can only have up to two sabotaged silos at a time. If the defending player has researched Missile Accuracy 3, they can have only one sabotaged silo at a time.

14. Clans

The only allowed way to team up with other players in Assault.Online is to form a clan. A clan can have between 1 to 6 players. A clan will have one clan leader, and the clan leader may appoint four clan trustees.

14.1 Clan message

The clan leader and clan trustees can create a clan message that will be visible on all clan members dashboard.

14.2 Aid

You can send money to clan members with a lower networth in your clan. You can aid up to $250,000 three times per day.
Note: It is against the rules to send aid to a player such that they can boost their networth significantly beyond the clan average.

14.3 Clan Wars

The clan leader and clan trustees of a clan can declare war on another clan. This is required for gaining clan points and to have a chance at many of the awards. Clan wars can be tough and resources must be spent to attack and defend.

Clans with 3 or less members will be able to “opt out” of clan wars. They are still attackable but you cannot declare on them and they cannot declare on you. Such clans also attain only half resources when attacking out of war, but still award full resources if attacked. By default, all clans are opted in. This setting can only be changed once per round, and resets to “in” each round

You can only declare war on a clan with a total networth within 40% of your clan’s networth. If someone has declared war on you, you can declare a mutual war. Declaring a mutual war has no networth limitations and in a mutual war there are no networth limitations for attacks either. This means that declaring a war always presents a risk where the other clan can grow and declare a mutual war.

Attacks in an incoming war will gain half the clan points of attacks in an outgoing war. If you manage to kill an opposing player in a clan war, you will be awarded 25 points in a single-sided war and 50 points in a mutual war, as long as the player had over $3,500 networth.

Peace can be declared 24 hours after war was declared. A war will auto-peace after 72 hours. After peacing there is a 72 hour cooldown before you can declare war on that clan again, unless that clan has a war declared on you.

14.4 Clan Bonus

When 500 clan points are reached, the clan is awarded a small clan bonus. The bonus consists of 350 turns and $1,750,000 divided equally between all clan members.
When 1000 clan points are reached, and every additional 1000 clan points from there on, the clan is awarded a normal clan bonus. The bonus consists of 525 turns and $3,500,000 divided equally between all clan members.
The clan bonus will be available to retrieve from the dashboard just like the starting bonus. If the bonus is not retrieved within 48 hours, it will be automatically retrieved.

14.5 Joining and leaving a clan

You can join clans until the last 48 hours of a round and you can leave clans as you like. However, during the first 24 hours in a clan, you still have networth restrictions when attacking in mutual wars. If a player leaves the clan, a third of their gained Clan Points will be removed from the clan. If a player joins a new clan, that clan will not get any previously earned points from that player. If the clan points would go under an already received bonus when a player leaves, that bonus cannot be earned again.

15. Awards and Medals

The game can be played in any way you want. However, there are Clan Awards and individual Medals that are awarded after each round. These awards will be shown forever on that province or clan.
Clan awards are handed out in Gold, Silver and Bronze, while the individual medals only have one winner.

15.1 Individual awards

Medal of Earth: most land at the end of the round
Medal of Honor: most clan points in total
Medal of Growth: highest networth at the end of the round
Medal of Courage: most successful attacks made in clan wars
Medal of Death: most kills in clan wars on provinces above starting networth
Medal of Thievery: most money thieved during the round in total. Resetting your province reduces your thieved money by $20,000,000.
Medal of Destruction: most metworth damage using missiles in total
Medal of Devastation: highest networth damage in a single attack during a clan war
Medal of Misery: most received attacks during the round

15.2 Clan awards

United Boundaries: most land at the end of the round
United Arms: most successful attacks made in clan wars
Networth: highest networth at the end of the round
Clan Points: most clan points in total
Golden shotgun: first clan to 2000 points in a round
United Enemies: most received attacks during the round